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The next PULITZER award winning play
is gathering dust in your computer. OUCH!

Listen closely, to what your inner Horton Foote is telling you...

YES! I will stop making excuses for why I can’t write everyday.

(Does it count if I’m THINKING about it?)

YES! The average play takes about FIVE years to write.

I’m right on target… lol

YES! There’s a lot of mediocre shit in the theaters right now.

I REFUSE to be one of them!

And most importantly . . .

YES! I am scared off my ass — but with the GAMECHANGER as my coach,

I’m going to WRITE my ass off!

Hey! It’s me GAMECHANGER... Sandra D.

25 years is a long time in this business, ... as an Obie Award winning producer, director,

award winning playwright, an actor in all those unions, AND dramaturg...
DAMN IT! I’ve sat on ALL sides of the table and have figured out how to motivate others to tell FANTASTIC stories.

Because your voice is all you’ve got. Claiming your space in the world is all you’ve got. What are you waiting for!?

If you’re ready for some tough love, then we should do some one-TO-one. Today.

    First, you got to write the darn thing. Send it to me, even if you think it’s bad. I’ll give you LOTS of honest feedback.
Breathe. The Pulitzer awaits. Breathe.
Rewrite. I’ll read it again. Let’s talk about that Pulitzer. Rewrite.

Rewrite. Rewrite

  I’m a Badass and I LOVE to hang out with award winning BADASSES.

Sandra A. Daley-Sharif



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