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Write A Full-Length In 12-Weeks!

This 12-week opportunity is for playwrights at any level seeking regular constructive feedback and accountability for their “first” draft of a full-length play. The first week we discuss the inciting idea, themes, and what it is you want to say with your full-length. It could be a new project idea or a play you have already written - ready to look at it with fresh eyes. 


Second week, we discuss characters and plot the play. Yes! We are here to get things done! Each week you will submit pages, get feedback, and continue forward to a draft of a new full-length play. It may be rough. It may be a stroke of genius. It will get done.


This opportunity is open to playwrights anywhere on the planet. If you are in New York City, we can meet in person… shoot, fly me out and set me up, wherever you are (I might regret saying this!)… talk by phone, Skype, email, whatever is convenient for you.


For an additional fee, I would be happy to help you produce and even direct a reading of your first draft. It can be an informal reading to a reading with bells and whistles. Printing costs and artists fees would be your responsibility.






The fee is $700.00 paid by cash, check (Payable to Sandra A. Daley-Sharif), PayPal:, Venmo, or Zelle. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, all work grinds to a halt! ‘Nuf said. 


You can pay in full before we begin our work together OR pay half at the beginning and the other half six weeks later. Those are the two options I can handle. I hate accounting.



I am a person of my word. I will always deliver or communicate if I need more time to read or if a meeting has to change. 


It’s your money. Your time. Your craft. 

With that said, I expect you will always be ready to work. And, you will communicate if you cannot meet or submit work. If you miss a week, there is no makeup. Build on it. We are moving forward.


Read my testimonials. I have a helluva LONG resumé. Request it. I have been doing this work for a long time. I am revered for providing a safe space for artists to express their authentic voice. So, I will dare you to take risks. To be damn honest. To tell YOUR story. I am here to push you to grow as an artist. My instincts are keen. My feedback is respectful but offered constructively to move you forward. REMEMBER, this is only my experienced opinion. Take it all. Discard it. At the end of the day, this is YOUR story.




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